Ask any experienced traveler about their preference, and they’d let you know that travelling with a companion is always better than travelling alone. After all, as much as you might be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset all by yourself, it’s definitely going to look better when you have someone to share it with. Sure, it gets a little harder organize a trip for two, but once you get passed the initial major hurdles (travel destination, mode of transport, common vacation time etc.), things get much easier.

A trip to Dubai can be perfect for new travel companions. With how much there’s going on day and night, it’s not going to be hard to come up with a schedule that’ll work for both of you. Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to make sure you have an absolute blast on your trip to Dubai.

Knowledge is gold.

And so is information. Well before you take your couple holiday together, try doing as much research as you possibly can. Research hotels you’d like to stay in, things you’d like to do, places you’d like to see and find out what you have as common interests. As this is your first trip together, paying attention to the things that you both like will definitely give you smooth sailing. This’ll also help you plan out your day schedules during your holiday.

Preplanning can lead you along way.

Do you know that many tours like the Dhow cruise or the overnight desert safari has only limited vacancies? This means, without pre-booking, you can easily be disappointed once you get there. Preplan your whole trip so that you have everything from hotel rooms to airfares to even the tours that need booking covered. No disappoints; only happy memories!

Be considerate of your companion.

Try to keep you travelling companion’s likes, dislikes, fears, allergies and physical strength in mind when planning out the days of your holiday. You might be all out to enjoy a Hatta mountain safari Dubai, but if your companion has a fear of heights, not much physical strength to endure a little hiking, or dust related asthma, then this might not be particularly enjoyable for them. Remember, this is a trip for two.

Know when to stick to the plan, and when to wing it.

As beautiful and fascinating as the city you are visiting might be, the important thing to remember is that the whole point of your holiday, is to be together and experience things together. Have a workable schedule that’s not overcrowded or too exhausting. Live each moment so that when you get back home, you won’t need pictures to remind you of the places and things you enjoyed together…